New Mexico higher ed funding battle

My son, Matt attended UNM and had a really good experience overall. That said, NM (like Oklahoma) struggles with government revenue.  What’s more, NM education politics are quite intense and here is the latest in the saga.  From what I can tell, the Governor through the Regents is very involved in things–e.g. the line between politics and administration is drawn a bit differently than in most states and there is not a state system chancellor.  That would mean that UNM needs a president (they’re searching) who can work well with the policy makers (including the Governor) and also work well with the faculty, staff and ABQ community. If you lean either way too far (toward politics or toward campus constituencies), you risk not getting a second term.  When was the last time UNM had a president go to a second term?  The year was 1994.


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